What are Travel Guitars?

Travel Guitars? It’s simply the guitar we brought to travel!

Of course, you could bring your “normal” guitar to travel too. However, there are really travel guitars that are available in the market. These travel guitars we mention are those smaller, more-handy versions of full-sized guitars, or nearly full-sized guitars.

Please don’t confuse yourself between travel guitars and the guitar versions for kids. 😉

Travel guitars as their name, are perfect for traveling and outdoor activities – be it camping, hiking, retreat, or abroad.

The founder of Yudelele playing the Limited Edition Labuan Bajo model during his travel in Pokhara, Nepal.

We understand that some musicians would feel lost when they can’t place their hands on musical instruments when being on a long trip, whether by plane, boat, train, or bus. So, to cure their boredom, many bring a travel guitar companion wherever they might go.

Thus, travel guitar has become very popular and a lot of people start falling in love with them.

Travel guitars are not like regular guitars. Since they are small by nature, they don’t sound like regular guitar. Another drawback is the playability. Given their small body, it may take time to adjust.

But if you are looking for a portable carry-on guitar these are the ones for you.

So, when you’re going camping and feeling in need of good music, just pick up your travel guitar and play with it!

guitar in ship

What are Travel Guitars?

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